Final night at Barcaldine

 This is night No.25/2021 living in the caravan. It's our 4th and final night at the Oban C&CC Site in Barcaldine in Argyll.

Woke up to nice, bright weather but the midges were bad again. They are of course never 'good', but these were just persistent and seemed to just mass every now and again. A very grim experience until the sun burned them away around 0930.

Took the dogs around the forest about 0600, and after getting organised, having a shower and getting breakfast, we headed out for another nice long walk from 'The Sandpit', another area of the massive Benderloch Forest. The conditions were superb.

The tracks are very well maintained, and are in a better condition than most of the roads I've driven recently.

There are patches of well preserved native trees.

And the network of tracks provides some good long circular routes. The one I chose to follow took around 90mins.

Returned to the van for lunch and afterwards with the weather looking fine, took down and packed away the awning to ensure it was bone dry for the next trip.

My plan for the afternoon was to take the coastal walk from Port Appin which is just 10mins away. However, when I got there, every available space in the ferry carpark, the public hall, and the shop were all absolutely rammed. I have never seen it so busy. Possibly something going on on Kerrera (where the ferry goes), but who knows?

So, just headed back to the van to follow a nice long trail in the adjacent forest.

The weather was just stunning, and quite warm too.

The dogs were loving it.

Probably wandered around the forest for 90mins. Never met a soul!


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