Loch Creran and Barcaldine


This is night no.23/2021 living in the caravan. It's our 2nd night at the Oban C&CC Site in Barcaldine, about 12 miles North of Oban.

Last night, the weather was superb. It was warm, settled and we had a nice wander down to the nearby shingle beach.

This morning, however, was a different story! It was very grey with heavy skies and quite still. Ideal conditions for the dreaded midge, and they were out in force. They were relentless and miserable! Luckily, I had my full arsenal of protection, such as head net, repellent, and one citronella candle, but it was still a grimly predictable experience! What was making it even more frustrating is that they were somehow finding there way into the van and for a good while, it was horrendous. Luckily, later in the day the weather improved and a breeze picked up giving a temporary relief.

So, after a shower and some breakfast, we headed the short drive to a good forest walk I had walked many times on the shores of Loch Creran. A steady climb and back on a gravel track with some fine views.

Great views west along the loch to the bridge at the Creagan Inn.

And on the return, the nearby Munro, Beinn Sgulaird.

It was a fine walk and it stayed dry. From here, we headed into Oban so I could get a paper and some fly spray (for mosquitoes, it turns out) and picked up more citronella candles at Ledaig Leisure shop in Benderloch.

After lunch, we headed out for a nice long circular walk from the site. We followed 'The Caledonian Way', a long walking and cycling route which I think is from Fort William to Oban.

The rather colourful Scottish Sea Farms Hatchery, which is a huge facility.

And the fine track for walking.

The path took us into Barcaldine itself, and followed a path behind the Barcaldine Lodge which leads into the massive forest.

Following the OS maps, we made our way deep into the forest, then returned to just outside the site. The weather had improved a lot and it was also getting pretty warm.


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