River Breamish


This is night No.17/2021 living in the caravan. Now pitched up at the River Breamish C&MC Site near Powburn in Northumberland.

I really like this site, it has a good few walks nearby including a Nature Reserve and a number of excellent forest walks. It's also not too far from Alnwick, and is overall situated in a very nice spot. Powburn also has an excellent petrol station/shop which sells everything you'd need to get by.

Left home around 1030 for the 3.5 hr drive south, across the Queensferry Crossing, around Edinburgh then crossing the Border at Coldstream. It is a nice drive which I used to do regularly when I had work in Newcastle, it was far more scenic than the A1.

Stopped and gave the dogs a good blast around a medieval recreation site near Milfield, about 20mins from the site. I've stopped here before and it is a great short walk which is always quiet.

Arrived at the site around 1415. The site itself has went through a few expansions. I'm on Pitch No.3, in a small cul-de-sac of 4 pitches, but when I was last here, this was one massive pitch which always surprised me. 

What used to be the grass pitches has now been converted entirely to hardstanding. That's a positive step as grass pitches are often mud baths during wet weather, and the grass gets wrecked by awnings.

Noticed one other Eriba. A modern 'Familia' with what looks like a Wigo Awning. Very smart!



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