Kirkton Glen


This is night No.29/2021 living in the caravan. It's also our 4th and final night at the Clachan C&MC Site near Killin. 

Woke around 0700 to another nice day. Not quite sunshine, but definitely an improvement and felt dry. It became cloudy occasionally, but it was another fine day weather wise.

After an early morning blast on the adjacent hillside, after breakfast and getting things in order, we headed south to a walk I had looked at on Walk Highlands. It was a nice 6 miles circular route in a big forest in the Trossachs. It would be around a 20min drive from here to Balquhidder, the start of the walk.

There was very limited parking at the old church (the start of the walk), so parked up at the village hall and, as requested, made a small donation through the letter box for help towards the maintenance of the carpark. I was the only car there.

Balquhidder is a fine little village with a variety of old cottages, some a bit dilapidated, others fine places indeed.

The new church.

And the remains of the old church which also has the grave of Rob Roy McGregor.

The actual grave, or what's claimed to be the grave is actually behind where I stood to take this photo. I couldn't actually get a decent picture thanks to some idiot who was too busy looking up and down the monument, bubbling away like a baby. Maybe he was a McGregor, but what a bloody drama queen! I actually spotted him earlier when I passed and again as I approached. I actually thought he was up to no good when I first spotted him as he looked very suspect!!

The walk starts from the back of the church, into a FC Forest signed 'Kirkton Glen'. The first 500m or so is a fairly steep path up to the main forest tracks.

The track levels out a little for a few km's.

It is a big wood, and the going was good in the great weather. The tracks have a gradual incline until around the halfway point, giving an easy return.

There is a right of way signposted ahead here which leads up and over the hills to Glen Dochart.

The walk probably took around 2hrs, and was a good long stretch. Returned to the van for lunch, and in the afternoon, I took the dogs as far as I could up the nearby hillside on a forest track, before the vegetation just got too dense.

Another fine days walking.


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