Garlieston, May 2022.


I visited Garlieston C&MC in Dumfries and Galloway as part of a tour I was on covering the South West of Scotland. I stayed a total of 4 nights, taking my tally of nights stayed in the van to 22 for this year.

I was last on this site just a few weeks ago, and I altered my route to avoid some of the extremely potholed  roads I'de been led on before. The roads through the Galloway Forest have deteriorated massively in the last couple of years, so I opted for the just slightly longer Girvan to Newton Stewart road which was a lot better, and to be honest, quite a fast road. It took me around 5 hrs, another advantage being that Girvan even though quite small, now has an Asda for stocking up.

The weather was mainly dry for the 5 days, with the exception of one day where it really was torrential.

I pitched in the separate walled area of the site which was quite quiet, but did fill up as the days went on. I think it was probably folk extending the May Bank Holiday.

Did get some company though as a couple arrived in a Special '60th Edition' Troll. Had a good chat about the vans and the touring.

I got many walks in, but I timed it perfectly this week for the Bluebells. The nearby Kilsture Forest was just blanketed in them.

It was a great trip, and it is one of my favourite areas in Scotland. A few of the places I visited...

Garlieston Village.

The Garlieston War Memorial.

In the gloaming.

A great old MF Tractor wreck near Galloway House.

Rispain Camp near Whithorn.

Cree Woods, an RSPB reserve.

And many, daily walks in Kilsture Forest.


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