Eriba Caravan Feet


One design 'quirk' of the Eriba caravans pre-2010 is the footplate on the corner steadies. It's a flat, square foot with turned ends. Perfectly capable for steadying the van, but really not big enough for use on soft ground where the foot can sink into the ground. This problem is easily overcome by using wood or some other sheet under the foot to spread the weight.

In other caravans, a larger foot is available which fits with a single pin through the centre. The flat design of the Eriba foot necessitates a double pin arrangement, at each end of the foot for attachment. These 2 pin feet were available a few years back, but now seem to be obsolete.

I thought about this, the solution, and ordered a set to modify for use on my Eriba.

I ordered a set of the Maypole feet. Just under £10 and certainly looked good quality.

To match the Eriba foot plate, I drilled 4 holes in each foot, passing through a cable tie.

The cable ties are for attaching both the front and rear of the caravan feet.

Even though they will certainly contact the ground, only time will tell how robust the cable ties are. I think they will last.

Very happy with the result and lets hope it negates the need to carry extra wooden pads around.


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