Nairn, September 2022


This post is a record of my most recent trip, a three night trip to the Nairn C&CC Site which is located at Delnies Wood, just outside Nairn itself. The site itself a bit shabby, but it's cheap, normally has some availability and is an excellent spot for exploring the surrounding area. I stayed here from Monday, the 19th September until Thursday the 22nd.

I've been to this site dozens of times over the years in both camper vans and caravans. A few years ago, the site facility block suffered what I think was a collapsed roof and as a 'temporary' measure, a pair of Portakabin toilet units were placed on the site. These units are still there and the original facility block is virtually derelict. It is an eyesore, and the remainder of the site really is poorly maintained. The pitches are rough dirt/stones and worn out grass and the service points look like they have never been even brushed out. 

What annoyed me most about this visit, though, was the staff member who greeted to pitch me. It's ridiculous at this site. The COVID rules of phoning on arrival, not entering the reception, is still in place. The bloke who met me was friendly enough, but when he took me to the pitch he wanted me on, I rejected it. It was a bare, dirt 'grass' pitch which was just unacceptable, especially when there were literally dozens of other pitches available. The next pitch I was offered would have done, but I would not be allowed to put up the canopy as it would have breached the '6m rule' for separation? I pointed out it wasn't an awning, but a canopy, but sorry that rule still applied. The third pitch I was shown was marginally better than the first, but being a continental van with the door on the 'wrong side' (!), I would have to pitch nose in!! Absolutely ridiculous, but I just had to accept there was no way he was budging from the 'rules'. It's the first time in decades of having continental vans and caravans that this has ever been an issue. In fact, I have never owned a van or caravan with the door on the 'correct' side!

My 'nose in' pitch (lucky I have a motor mover).

My three nights were fine, and the weather was generally dry with some nice weather during my walks. The site is adjacent to Delnies Wood which offers great early morning and evening walks, right from the van.

I re-walked some of my favourite walks, including the walk along the River Nairn to Nairn from Howford Bridge, and from the Bridge to Cawdor.

Probably my favourite walk was round Cawdor Wood, which is next to Cawdor Castle. Probably one of the finest woods in the country, just stunning and in incredibly well maintained condition. I walked here on two mornings, both times for a few hours.

I also got the chance to use my new canopy, an Isabella Shadow 240. 

First time I've used it, but it did seem a little flappy. I'm reluctant to pull too much on the guy lines just incase the fabric stretches and becomes permanently flappy. I'll probably experiment next time with a central pole rather than the sort of 'pull down' arrangement suggested in the instructions. Only time will tell. It's well made which is important to me as it's primary use will be as a door shelter from the rain. I don't see a lot of sunshine on my travels!

And, I also used my Air Fryer to make the most incredible Cheese and Peanut Butter Toasted Sandwich! It was amazing, and yet another extremely good use for this fantastic bit of kit.

And on the final morning, with the rain starting to pass, I took the dogs for one last run on the nearby Nairn West Beach. Miles and miles of sand and not a soul in sight.....

And, a short video of some places I visited:


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