Near Oban.

This post is about my most recent trip, a 4 nights foray into Argyll, staying at the Oban C&CC site at Barcaldine which is not far from Benderloch on the Oban to Fort William Road. It takes my total for nights in my caravan to 60 for this year. 

I had booked this trip a while back, and as the date approached I was really apprehensive due to the weather forecast. I was proved correct! Very little in the way of sunshine and occasional torrential showers, especially overnight.
Quite a large chunk of the site was under a few inches of water. 

Despite the weather, it was actually a rewarding trip. I prepared for the rain taking extra waterproofs, boots, and towels to dry off the dogs. The rain made walking in the forest next door actually very nice. The waterfall and gorges were in spectacular form. 

I was glad I brought my Canopy. A basic sheet style, an Isabella Shadow. Rock solid performance in brisk winds and took a lot of rain. 

I was also glad I brought my Ninja Foodi. 

It reheated meals I brought from home such as my Cajun Chicken, and also cooked eggs, bacon and sausage in the mornings as my treat!

The dogs, as usual, loved the walks and the van. 

We spent a lot of time in the forest next door, Sutherlands Grove, and we walked a lot by Loch Creran, Port Appin, Benderloch, and at South Shain amongst other places. 

Even though it was a typical wet west coast spell of weather, it was nice to get a glimpse of the coming Autumn. 

Here's some of my more memorable pictures, all taken within 5 or 6 miles from the site. 

Loch Creran
Castle Stalker
Loch Creran at sunset 
The Firth of Lorn
The distant hills of Morvern. 
Towards the Appin Hills
A flooded site! 
A quirky Gypsy style caravan! 

A short video:


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