First Trip of 2023!

 I finally got Touring up and running for 2023!

This was a trip I had planned during the winter, which I suppose didn't really take much planning. For the last few years, I've made Morvich in Kintail either the first or near the first of my trips. I really like this area, but I limit this to Spring or Winter due to ticks. Last season, the ticks were horrendous on the dogs (and in the van) and I decided to avoid the North West during tick season.

To break up the journey up to Kintail, I stopped for a night at Culloden Moor. A great site with good dog walking nearby and Inverness is only 10mins away.

It also gave me a chance to iron out any issues with the van following winter storage (on my drive with a cover on), and also to trial some of the little adjustments and replacements I'd made during the winter.

I fitted the 'Sunnestra' hook on fittings from Ikea which fit perfectly around the band above the cabinets around the pop top. I got a kitchen towel holder, a plain shelf, and a drying rack. All work great.

A replaced the touch control lights with plain switching LED spots. A huge improvement. The touch control had a mind of their own and would switch on, off, and dim, randomly.

The dogs certainly appreciated the new ambience!

It was only a one nighter at Culloden, so packed up and left around 1030 for the 60 mile or so drive.

As usual, stopped at the wood just beyond Torgoyle Lodge in Glen Moriston for a dog walk.

Then stopped for some photos of the hills above Glen Shiel.

A small caravan in a very big Glen.

Beneath the Old Bridge over the River Shiel.

The Five Sisters of Kintail from a Forest Walk in Ratagan.

Bonnie above Loch Duich.

Inverinate House, across Loch Duich and owned by a ruler of Dubai. The ruler who's daughter became quite 'famous' after doing a runner.

This adjacent building was built recently to house his 6 wives and 23 children. Amazing what foreigners can get away with in our country. Even though the development was rejected by Highland planners permission was granted by the Scottish Government. 


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