Millbuies Country Park, near Elgin


This is night No.49 of living in my caravan in 2023. It's our final night at the Speyside C&CC Site near Archiestown in Speyside.

Woke to a lovely morning, sunny, still, and a cloudless sky. Took the dogs out along the site dog walk around 0630, then after breakfast and the usual caravanning chores, we headed north in the direction of Elgin to Millbuies Country Park. It's a short drive, and we arrived to an empty carpark around 0900. In fact, the only people we encountered were a couple and their kids having a photo session in the field next to the carpark.

It doesn't square with me the idea that someone 'owns' a huge swathe of land, including a forest and loch, but anyway, the 'owner' gifted it to the City of Elgin and it is now a Country Park.

A fine path through some rustic arches leads downhill towards the loch.

In this weather, the loch is a stunning place to be. Mill pond water reflecting the surrounding forest.

It is dammed at the south end which carries the footpath all the way around the loch. The route we were taking took us to the end of the loch, but we would then head west, uphill, and return via the forest.

The riverside path was an excellent place to walk the dogs. A lovely day for a peaceful stroll.

As we reached the end of the loch I decided to get some aerial shots with the drone. The wind was light and there was no-one around to bother.

Looking north along the loch towards the start at the village of Fogwatt.

The south end of the loch.

The path on the south end of the loch.

The drone pilot and his mutts!

We headed uphill, away from the loch to the west, and retuned to the dam via the forest, a fine plantation and a good footpath.

This country park is a fantastic place for a walk, particularly in this kind of weather. Easy missed as the main A941 to Elgin passes by the village of Fogwatt.

Returned to the van for lunch, then after having a good chat with a neighbour in a campervan, we headed into Archiestown for a walk in Elchies Wood.

Again, what is noticeable in Speyside is the blooming Heather.

The scent is incredible and makes for a really enjoyable forest walk.

Finally, being in Speyside we took the short drive to Dufftown to a small convenience store which I noted on previous trips has a phenomenal selection of whisky for sale, from £15 to £1000's.

Another good trip to Speyside.


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