Garlieston, April 2024


I visited Garlieston C&MC Site for 5 nights in April 2024. I really enjoy this site, it's sea side location, and the opportunities for exploring the fantastin surrounding area.

For 2024, this takes my nights count living in the van to 12.

The site itself is on the site of a former harbour, used for the shipping of timber from the surrounding forests. Dumfries and Galloway have massive plantations.

The site is split in two, the harbourside and the walled garden. I prefer the shelter and quietness of the walled garden, and above, my van is almost bang in the centre of the picture above. The site is also located across a burn from a different, private site, Garlieston Lodge.

Garlieston Village, famous for also being the place where nearby the Mulberry Harbours used during D Day were designed and tested.

A really nice seafront, a good pub, and a great beach for walking the dogs.

Looking across the water to the distant hills of Cumbria.

Visited some nice places. This was Glasserton Church which I passed on a great walk along the Whithorn Way, which passes the church on its was to St Ninians Cave, around 2 miles from here.

Interesting, a man from Laurencekirk is buried in the Churchyard.

A stunning building but I think, sadly, it is closed. Inside there was a tarpaulin covering some of the pews from what looked like a leaking roof.

It was a stunning day for a walk, a cool breeze, but great walking.

Great sunsets on the shore.

The very impressive Galloway House, a 10min walk from the site.

Had a nice stroll along the banks of the River Cree at Newton Stewart, crossing the old bridge to Minnigaff.

The bluebells were out.

The incredible Minnigaff Church. Again, sadly closed and now for sale by the Church of Scotland.

The remains of the original Church in the grounds.

A truly impressive structure.

Some other pictures of some of the places I visited.

The Chambered Cairn in Knockman Woods.

Knockman Woods.

Riggs Bay, near Garlieston.

Garlieston Village from the beach.

Harbour Cottage on the coastal path to Riggs Bay.

A stop as we left the area for one last walk around Kilsture Forest.


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